Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Worst Profile Pic EVER. REALLY. I MEAN IT.

I have a problem. I need a profile picture. One that says "oh I just casually shot this amazing photo of myself and posted it". So far all attempts have failed.

Take 1: me in fresh lip gloss (looks like I'm trying too hard). Delete.

Take 2: mod pose---half of face (yuck, so I really look that way sideways?) Delete.

Take 3: is that low lighting or are those really bags under my eyes? Delete.

Take 4: it's a sun-shiney day and I'm facing a sunny window while squinting and trying to look "casual". Ewww....headache. Delete.

Take 5: Me wrapped in a scarf I hand knit. Ok. Waaaaay too nerdy, even for me. Delete.

Take 5: OMG. I've just wasted 30 minutes and have NOTHING to show for it. Who has time for this?


I promise to post some of my attempts at a profile pic. If nothing else, it will be amusing or a tutorial on what not to do. Here goes....!!!

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