Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Play Ever

So this week we had an (optional) evening field trip to the Starlighter's Theatre performance of "Little Women" in Anamosa. I am a huge fan of the book and have always wanted to be Jo....I love that the poor, bookish, and outspoken Jo gets the rich hot guy! Just goes to show how much a woman's dreams haven't changed since the mid 1800s. : )
Anyway, when we arrived there was talk amongst the staff that the play, which was supposed to start at seven, would be running late. This was a red flag to me, as I had already heard it ran 3 hours long anyway. In my head, I'm calculating that I likely won't get to bed until 10:30-11:00. Yuck, but oh well.
So two students arrive, we find some seats, and the play begins. Monochromatic tan set, random 80's dried weed decorations (hmmm), and quite honestly some horrible acting. Actors were clearly and obviously screwing up lines. Anyway, I hate to criticize but in all honesty, I can't say it was good when it wasn't. The final straw for me was the Laurie character. He had a beard. He was not the "hottie" I was hoping for Jo to get. It was the last straw.  
All I could think about is how I left my kids at home for this and rarely get time to I'm spending it here, really????? That was when my mind hatched a devious plan. I knew Becky, our other teacher, was working her second job that night at the General Store Restaurant. Wouldn't it be nice to surprise her? I was getting kind of hungry.
So, the students & I snuck out of the play and we shared a giant fried appetizer sampler and downed lots of fountain pop at the restaurant before heading home. It was the best "play" ever!!! I know I am a bad teacher but instead of destroying someone's view of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" maybe I've saved it?

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