Friday, November 18, 2011


It's been an awesome week....our students have been at Cornerstone every day doing study groups, blogging class is taking off, and everyone else is doing very well in Online Math.....things are rockin' here at school!

At home babies are being their cute selves and we are making what little time we have at home relaxing and productive. Ok...I count productive as laundry clean, not necessarily folded and put away, but still....

Even so, I am ready for the weekend. Tonight Paul and I are taking Owen out on a date with us, and then Saturnday Liz is coming by with her new dog and we are hanging out all weekend. Our weekend will likely consist of:

--dog walking
--staying up late
--more food
--more laughing

All I can say is.....BRING. IT. ON.

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  1. thats an amazing weekend i pretty much do the same thing but with out the kids